A Tribute To My Parents, NORAGANDY: The Worthwhile Sprout

August 3rd 1985, My parents, Mr. Jack Agande Ebe and the then Ms. Norah Alemye Musa, made a commitment to stay together for better for worse, to do all that God required and would require of them.

Mom and Dad.jpg


Today, 30 years after, this union has produced amazing fruits in terms of amazing children and otherwise 😊😍…

Sisters <3SOkoRuth EbeMama and girly


I know, you know, we know every struggle, every victory that we experience in our families. The challenges and the battles seen and unseen we must constantly fight.

Today, these people who I honor beyond words have stood the test of time for 30 years. We are not a perfect family, we have not overcome it all but each day, the love of God, the love we have for God, the love we have for one another conquers every fear, every insecurity, every challenge, every opposition.

I mince no words, I am privileged to be a seed from these two. I am honored to have Joyce, Grace and Ann as my sisters, I am blessed to have been born into this family and surrounded by great friends too!!! So with every sincerity and gratitude:

To you reading, I write❤️:

At the end of the day, our families remain what we make of them while we can. Remember it is a blessing to be wherever you are and a duty for you to do all you can to ensure peace, love, progress and above all God reigns in your family. Do not give up on yourself, on members of your family or on God’s ability to help and save you if things are going haywire. Do not forget to return thanks to God for all He has done, is doing and you hope for Him to do. Never give up hoping for great and mighty things in your life and family. Let your family know, in words and action that you love them. A family would not move forward with selfish ambition ruling.

Are you a father, a mother, daughter, a son, a step-daughter, son, mother, father? Are you a sister, brother, step or not, an uncle, aunt, cousin, cousin(once or twice removed), Granny. Are you an adopted son or daughter, a relative with unclear relationship ties…Is it possible you don’t even know who you are…

You are loved, you are valuable, you are important, you are created for a good purpose and you can let love rule your heart and make a difference.

Much love,


 I wrote from my heart to my Mother 💜

Happy Happy Anniversary Mummy!!!!!! It’s 30 big years and God has sustained you in this marriage! I look and I see God’s Faithfulness in your life as His child and in this home. God indeed has preserved and blessed us beyond measure!!! Well done for not giving up on your marriage, your home, or on any of us. It’s beautiful having you as a mother and I hope that all the days of your life, God fills your heart, your life with soo much joy and pride.

You have lived in this marriage for 30 years! It is not too late for this family to be all that God has called us to be. It is not too late for this family to break free from every chain that holds us back! It is not too late to embrace and freely operate in the blessings of God. In fact, it is the perfect time for a new dawn. For a renewal of our vows to God and to one another. It is the perfect day to seek the face of God for the family and have entirely new expectations!!! God has blessed you. God has blessed us. You shall live to see many more excellent years. God shall bless your food and your water, your going out and your coming in, your health, your business, your desires in accordance to His will. God shall establish you and keep you from falling. He would hold you, carry you, guide you, instruct you and teach you how to hold this gift of a family that He has blessed you with.

You, oh mother shall live in peace, in good health, in prosperity to see your children’s children’s children! Your joy shall not be cut short. You shall fulfill all that God has blessed and called you to be. You shall be a woman of great purpose. May God bless you with wisdom above to be a priceless helper to daddy. May you both agree as husband and wife and as you do so, may God command a blessing over your union again.

I stand against every force that contends with your joy, happiness, peace and progress. I release every blessing due you and I speak fruitfulness to your life.

I love you, I respect you and I honor you. I pray that Heaven does same. Happy 30th Anniversary Dear Mummy!❤❤

I wrote to my dad from my heart ❤

Happy Wedding Anniversary Daddy!
Wow! This is a big one!!!!
It’s been a long ride and I’m grateful to God; and proud of you for not letting go of this family.
I am grateful that God raised you, knew you even before you were formed and has not let go of you till this very day.
God knows all your flaws, your weaknesses yet He loves you beyond words, sees His righteousness and strength inside of you and believes in you because of His ability.
God blessed you with a helper; with mummy; someone to walk with you till the end of our time here. He blessed you with amazing children(just like He blessed us with an amazing father) .
He is father to all creation yet He decided that You, here on earth would bear His title to me, to us, and to many more people.
Daddy, it is not too late for you, for this family to see and be all that God has called us to be. It is not too late for us to be free from any chains that holds us back as a family. It is not too late for us to embrace the call of God, the blessings of God. It is not too late for us to break free from the vicious cycles, from the regular patterns.
It is in fact, the perfect time for us to find God again, seek God in a new dimension, ask to know Him, know His heart, know His will, know His ways and how to please Him.
It is, the perfect time to expect something new from God as we seek to worship Him more than  we’ve done before.
I pray for you; to live to see your children’s children’s children; to live in perfect peace, sound health, a sound mind and heart.
To receive from God, wisdom again to lead, support  and love mummy and us all;
to indeed be father. I  pray that no force stand against the will of God for your life.
You shall remain blessed.
More than words can say, I honor you, I respect you, I appreciate you and I love you.
Happy 30th Anniversary. 😚
And cheers to some 30 more
To my sisters, with love I wrote ❤:
Wow! Sisters, it’s been a long ride of 30 years! It’s been an honor oh. It’s not been rosy all the way but I believe we’ve been privileged to taste of the goodness of God. So many people are languishing in ignorance of the freedom that Jesus has brought us but we are privileged to be partakers of it and have a family that are a good support system. I look at our gains, our pains, every moment of laughter and tears, our losses and I am more excited about all that God ‘s plan for our family.
Romans 8:37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
May God bind us together with cords of love that can’t be broken. Amen
Much love,

10 thoughts on “A Tribute To My Parents, NORAGANDY: The Worthwhile Sprout

  1. I’ve tried and tried to comment, but it wasn’t delivering.
    Anyways, my parents got married 30yrs ago today too! Happy anniversary to our parents and may God keep them in good health and wealth!
    God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God! What are we?! Some long lost sisters? 😄😄 I wish your family a deeper experience of God’s love. May it conquer every darkness and lead you on in God’s truth and light. This is soo beautiful!❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great piece. Happy anniversary to your parents. I join you in celebrating this wonderful couple that have been a blessing to many. This marks the beginning of the best of years they’ve ever experienced. It can only get better.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. I hope you know you are blessed indeed. God will continue to enlarge your territory. You will continue to bear fruit in old age because the God you serve is limitless. God wil keep His hand upon you and keep your home from evil. We celebrate with you. A toast indeed to the faithfulness of God in your marriage.
    Lots of love from Dr and Mrs Michael Musa and family

    Liked by 1 person

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