Why I Write (Part 1)

Why We Write
Why We Write

Hopefully sometime soon or later, I’d get writers I know and follow to share the reason(s) they not only write, but also, why they share it with the world through various means, written or spoken. I saw some really beautiful photos courtesy of Google Images that speaks volumes in answering the question from their own viewpoint of Why We Write: why-we-write4771617_orig On Neil Gaiman though, I don’t really believe or belong to the school that puts writing and lies together-ok, except when we’re making up entirely new stories 😃(would you really call that a lie or creative thinking?).  Every beauty, power, strength and passion I experience when it comes to writing and sharing comes from a place of truth and that’s one way I find courage in writing; it’s one way I defeat the fear of experiencing a severe writer’s block because I think it’s only when truth and true experiences cease to exist that the ink would be dried up. So why do I(we) write and why did I(we) choose to share not just thoughts and inspiration but also some personal experiences?

  1. The love, the passion: I think for most of us, one key reason we write as well as our driving force for consistency in writing, is because we absolutely love it. Personally, I feel at home whenever I write. I feel this is where I get to be 100% true and honest. When I write, I have this sense, hear these whispers, “I belong here”.
  2. There comes a time  you realise that your entire existence is more than just about you: I found out that so many things I was experiencing, learning, unsure of, amazed by and so on where and are bigger than  my “personal bubble”. Eventually, there was this pull to reach out, to share how we(I) perceive/understand the world and how much others can be a part of this perception, to share things that are common to  most of us but usually left unspoken of, unheard of, unshared… so yes, I still have my girly diaries and journals that I write stuff in and keep covered but these books contain treasured words, amazing creativity, experiences (that could put one on a pretty much vulnerable spot), inspired words and visions that I’m not willing to keep to myself alone. It’s for more than just me…
  3. The Refill theory: *Please don’t google that* The Maya Angelou (of blessed memory) wrote: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” This truth couldn’t have been put more rightly. There was a time I was a little worried that if I shared with others the things that came to my heart(mind), there’d be a time when it’d all be exhausted and I’d have nothing more to “give” Now that’s a lie!!! The more you share the things you are inspired to write, the more “free room” you have to experience NEW things, know new things. Writing and sharing frees more room to know, write and share more.

I’m breaking this post into smaller bits because I know how much a lot of us are scared of the so termed “lengthy” posts. More of “why we write” is coming your way soon.

Don’t forget to Read, Respond, Like, Share, Meditate (RRLSM) ❤️


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