21st August, 2015: My Real Day Experience (Short Version)

The truth is, if you asked me how my day went or how it started up, I’d answer you this way:
For a very normal and regular person, they’d tell you, honestly, I had a pretty rough day, a not too good day; but I’m fine.

There was I this morning, waking up with so much body pains, what seemed to be more than a common cold  but now the flu. This was in addition to the 1001 things I had undone and the 1000 more I had to do today. This was in addition to all the mostly unproductive errands I had had to run in the course of this week; in addition to the frustration of going to school everyday, sometimes twice a day to  get a sheet of paper but yet hear “come back in the evening, or tomorrow, or in 2days or the fact that the marathon called an academic session would begin in what? 9days! This was in addition to the 1000 other things aside these like I said before

Well,before you stop me there and tell me how we all have days like these and how this is the normal for almost everyone or how this is nothing compared to how it goes for you, I’m not saying this is so special or unique. I’m acknowledging the fact that having the gift of life each day comes with an amount of responsibility, responsibilities and some days, Its so overwhelming you know if not for God’s Grace you’re cracked already, screwed up at every move or just simply toast.

So, after waiting up for a taxi that did not eventually show up, I googled again, the address to my unknown location, bid my friends goodbye and set out with what was actually a false temperature, rubbing by head,sniffing,itching my throat and feeling like some refrigerator was open all around me except at the metro station.

I tried my best to find this place. I got confused over and over again. I thought of just giving up and going back to school but “I’d trust try one more time”. Long story short, I couldn’t locate the place so I gave up trying cos even if I found it, it was way past the time they’d have attended to me.

Feeling so down, cold and listing all the reasons why I missed this today, reminiscing on all the things gone wrong this week and how much I had gotten lost to get something right, I was trudging under the weight of everything in my heart….

I needed tea. That  I knew for sure. My throat hurts… I needed tea.

I’m at Maidan (a square in Kiev), there’s a McDonalds close by and I stop for tea,по-селянски and nuggets. I’m certain anyone staring at me in my ash hoody and with my yellow file might have wrongly concluded somewhere that I am some weary poor soul.
I kept playing with my teabag in the hot water because having some hot tea burn my tongue wasn’t something I wanted to have to care about. I needed tea and that meant it had to be drinkable(laughs).
I didn’t want to care. I sat there. Every other person around me for some moments ceased to exist. I just wanted to sulk, feel sorry and probably lash myself for all the wrong or late moves I had made this week. As I sat, I realised that more  than anything, I wanted to breathe, to be, not to lash myself, to reroute… to just be.
The tea was good…very little sugar and that was just gooood. Bit by bit, I ate, slowly…then I saw this mother and her daughter, probably a 4-year-old. She was handed a balloon by a Mac d staff… (this is now and article on its own, please click HERE to read)

I learned something or appreciated this parent-child relationship in a pretty much different light. That lesson made be feel so uplifted and free. It made me feel like absolutely new, fresh air was been breathed from my nostrils to my lungs. I felt so glad that even in a rough day, God could still teach me something if only I could take a moment and find the truth in the details. I moved to my next “challenge” for the day.

Yes, my day did get tougher. Way tougher than I’d explain but I know for sure, God was teaching me, teaching us, that even in the midst of all the noise, the work, the decisions to make, in the midst of all the laughter, uncertainty, pain or joy…there are  wells of truths and power to find if we only take a moment to stop and savor the moment.

At key moments of yesterday, just like almost every other day, God encouraged me, guided me. First, it was with Ofi Ejembi’s Worship Experience. In my “second big challenge”, it was with an inscription on a Russian guy’s shirt. For my own reasons, I didn’t ask to take a picture of it but it read:

Make progress or make excuses… Be active.

I felt like it was speaking to me and I had a renewed strength to just hang in there. I received what I waited for and I still have hope for those I’m looking forward to receiving. I hope that in the business of each day, you #takeamoment to find something hidden but even more, something amazing in your day. There’s more beauty in each day than struggling through and hustling 😊.


I was just so grateful to be home.


The famous yellow file
My famous yellow file

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