These things about tiny humans: A thought on Motherhood, Parenthood.

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Balloons and Bubbles

I sat (down), sipping my cup of tea, while playing with my картошка по-селянски (potato wedges); all those thoughts lingering like butterflies over a head, my eyes caught this McDonalds’ staff make her way to hand a balloon to this little girl. I sat, staring and smiling, just for the love of this little girl and the kindness of the McD staff (really, she did not have to got out of her way at that point to hand her the balloon). I stayed fixed on them to see if she’d say спасибо (spa-si-ba) which means thank you. I think something else disrupted me; it was the smile on this probably 4-year old’s face. It was even more, the joy I found on her mother’s face.

At that point, I stopped. I mean, I could understand the joy of the little girl but the mother??? That moment helped me appreciate a truth even more.

As a female, I can remember when things like balloons, bubbles, toys, goofy sounds, playing in the sand felt like Heaven; felt like all that mattered; when cartoons(I still love them though), and acting like some Disney ballerina was all there was to life. I remember when these were the things that could make me smile, make me full of so much joy and most probably, make me have a good night’s sleep sometimes- (like, what would you expect after having a day filled with balloons and bubbles, cartoons and stories ☺️). Slowly, they began to fade away, I was more concerned with homework and house chores, doing what mummy and daddy wanted so I wouldn’t get punished. Just blowing bubbles and dancing around the house all day wasn’t so rewarding anymore. It was better to hear well-done than play in the sand even though I really wanted to play in the sand sometimes. Still on balloons, this week, I walk through some stores. I am handed a balloon that has their sales promo on it. Because I am much older and it’s a balloon and not something like a flyer, my first response is REALLY??!!! I collect it anyway. I feel a little silly but I forget about it and have fun with it.

So, here was this mother, completely overjoyed at the sight of a balloon! A part of me knows that she was so glad because of the joy it brought her little girl, but a part of me thinks (knows) that (even though I have not had a child) birthing a child makes you “grow again”. I had seen mothers who sing nursery rhymes even when their babies aren’t there and it brings so much joy to them. I myself, have had this nostalgic moment when I got “carried” away as I spent time with an adorable little girl. I clapped, danced, forgot every other thing about myself and remembered nursery rhymes from my own time…

I set out to write about how our mothers grow right from the scratch when they birth a child but writing this now, I see this in a greater light. This is God’s gift. Whether we medics say it’s hormones or not; this is still God’s gift. Birthing a child gives anyone; father or mother or sibling, the opportunity to taste life again; to share in a moment we felt was long gone. How beautiful it is for these little ones, that they aren’t just born and dumped with some  other kids because they can’t be understood by anyone else. Even though they are born so little, so fragile, sometimes so clueless, in grown-ups, they still find friends; in grown-ups, they still find a soul that would gladly hold balloons with them, gladly  build castles in the sand, gladly blow bubbles, gladly place their favorite TV shows on hold to watch “Dora the Explorer”, “What do the animals say” and not feel a shred of silliness or boredom but pride and joy.

It’s a wonderful gift that God has given to both sides; parents or children. I hope today, that we see this as a gift, not a right; to have parents, or to have children.  See:

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him-Psalm 127:3

Love each other, stand for each other, pray for each other, be truthful to and with each other, do not give up on each other.

Did I say? Parents and children come in different ways; biological or not.

Hope you have an amazing weekend.

Much love, Ruth.

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