The Momentum App: A Beautiful Creation By Levi Bucsis

While some people might find it just beautiful at a glance or really appreciate the “to do” feature, weather forecast or name customisation, I love this app for the brilliance with which the creator designed it the wonderful photos each day, the thought provoking quotes displayed each day and more so, I love the story behind this app.

I first found out about the Momentum App from my amazing friend/blogger/photographer/fellow medstudent, Afoma Eme-Umesi.

The Momentum App is a Google Chrome extension developed by Levi Bucsis in October 2014. It is a personal dashboard that replaces your Chrome’s New Page. In his interview with The Zapier Blog, Levi Bucsis gives the summary of the app’s function:

It greets you by name with an inspiring photo and quote along with the practical stuff like the time and weather. You can put in a focus for the day so every time you open a tab throughout the day to procrastinate you’re reminded of your own commitment.

Let’s take a look at my Chrome’s New Page for today:

Momentum App

  • At initial setup, you get to enter your name.
  • On the line beneath the question, “What is your main focus for today?”, you enter your main focus
  • At the top right is the weather forecast feature as well as your city or town;
  • The top left shows Link with gives you the opportunity to access the regular chrome home page, chrome apps, gmail, as well as enter your own favorite links. It also has a Google search icon for a quick search
  • At the bottom right, clicking “To do” enables you enter as many activities as you want to carry out with a checkbox beside it.
  • The bottom middle portion has an epigram, the epigrammist and a tweet button beside it;
  • Bottom left shows the name of whatever impressive photo is on display and the name of the photographer.
  • Personally, I fall in love with the photos every day, learn a thing or two from the epigram and surely, I share them on twitter. (My tweet feed shows on this blog too).

You can try this amazing App if you use a PC or MacBook . I’d love if this is available for mobile phones as well.


This is my home page run by the  Momentum App Vs. The Regular Chrome Home Page

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.38.30 pm                               vs    Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.39.43 pm

Totally fine but I Looooove me some Momentum App😄

Hope you try this creative work by Levi someday!

Much love,


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