The Blog is One Month Today!!! 💕



Ruth’s Blog: Because I Believe is One Month Today ❤❤❤ and we’re all shades of BEAUTIFUL.

So, initially, I thought of “getting” a very “beautiful” cake. Probably a pink one with a nice little ribbon (cos it’d surely look tender and pretty) but I ‘got’ this one.

Well, Like the blog, this cake is not COMPLETELY plain. It has some definition already. It has a form, an already MADE form. The icing covering, it doesn’t seem very defined yet; it’s taking the form of the main cake. It has some rough sides as well.

Like you’d do with a cake, we’re smoothening out those edges, and whether it be raisins, edible sequins or whatever you’d use as a cake topping, we’re adding good, profitable stuff to the blog.

I am so grateful to as many of you that have stood by, before and after this one month. God increase you all. I’m hoping that more of you would follow through, read the blog posts, leave responses, Like, Share and more importantly, meditate on what was shared.

I love y’all much,


A little Color won’t hurt 😉




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