Ruth Dekaan:How to deal with a heartbreak💔💔

The first time I got my Heart Broken

This one right here is my ratty rat all so grown up 😉😊. She sent this to me August 11. In it, she shares “The first Time I got my heart broken” and leaves some tips on dealing with a heartbreak. Read on and leave comments below.

Ruth Angya

So it’s 3:09 am  and I was thinking about what to write so I thought, why not write about what I’ve just been through; the gruesome, detestable, heart-wrenching experience I just had. I know every girl or guy has had their heart broken at least once or twice or, for the really lucky (or unlucky) girls, more than that. If it’s the first time it’s happened, you’re confused, you don’t know how you’re going to move on and you want closure, but you’ve got to move on, it’s not a terminal disease trust me, take Taylor Swift for example, she falls in love, gets her heart broken, follows up with an award-winning song and then struts into another relationship like it’s nothing, but we’re not all Taylor Swift and some of us can’t even sing.
  I remember the first time I got a broken heart. It seems like it was just 5 months ago, probably because it was(sigh). For the first two months, I was in denial; texting and calling and getting ignored. By the third month, I felt like crying and shouting at everyone around me so I watched game of thrones for the first time, cried and shouted at George R Martin instead, and by the fourth month, I started listening  to sad songs and eating all the food my dentist warned me about but none of that helped so I  figured out a way to get over it and I’m going to share with you how to get over your lying, cheating, good for nothing ex in the following five steps:
Step 1. Pray about it!
Trust me, it works! You might wonder what God can do about the immeasurable pain in your heart but He’s the first step towards mending it, and on the plus side, you can cry and curse to someone who just might help you with those curses and he actually listens too.
Step 2. Unfollow, Block, Unfriend!
Unfollow him as quickly as possible on ALL social media! And if you’re strong enough then honey, block him! Blocking him is the best option because constantly seeing his posts or updates is gonna hurt. You’re going to be wondering and finding out that he’s moved on without you and that is going to hurt the most, especially if you thought he was ‘THE ONE’. This step will also keep you from sending drunk texts in the middle of the night and making a fool of yourself, but don’t worry about it, we’ve all been there.
Step 3. Don’t Coop Yourself Up!
It’s good to have some ‘me time’ but too much me time is bad for you unless, you’re watching all three seasons of game of thrones in a go of course. Talk to somebody. Don’t make yourself depressed by keeping to yourself. Doing that makes you feel as though there’s no one else there for you and makes you think you need the person more, which you obviously don’t, (I hope).
Step 4. Avoid Social Media Rants!
I know I said ‘talk to somebody’ but make sure that ‘somebody’ isn’t your invisible social media friend or your 2000 twitter followers. It makes you look desperate, It shows you want him to see that you’re tweeting about it (obviously you didn’t take my advice in step 2) and that you’re not over that conniving —– excuse my language but you get the point. You’re supposed to be moving on, not dragging him on social media, even if he cheated and hurt you deeply, just pretend you don’t care and that’s probably gonna hurt him more than your 140 characters.
Step 5. Mingle!
You’re single again, thank God! It’s time to have some fun and make some new friends, don’t jump into another relationship immediately, take your time and enjoy your self-worth cos you deserve it honey. If you think you’re ready for another relationship then do it! But don’t start judging the guys you meet off of your experience with your ex. Try new things and forget about his sorry self, it might take a while but you’ll definitely get there.
P.s I made all these mistakes so I’m practically an expert xx

4 thoughts on “Ruth Dekaan:How to deal with a heartbreak💔💔

  1. Wow! Thank you for the advice. We need to learn to make ourselves happy. Being in a relationship is a learning process, breaking up is a learning process, getting on with your life is a learning process and if we learn from her experience.. We have a shot in doing things right again. Thank you dr.


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