If All Is Gone? -Some “Close-to-midnight” Musings

What if one day I wake up and all’s gone?

Please don’t call me a pessimist (even if you do, well…)

Certificates are burnt;

The internet’s down(did I hear someone screaming how???!!) or WordPress has this upgrade that wipes away all my content;

The encouraging comments of people’s testimonies and blessings beneath our write-ups for one mysterious or known reasons just vanish into thin air;

All my lessons and original content I’m all so proud and privileged to have received or written are gone cos someone stole the device or it dropped into water being a “not water resistant” smart device (oh trust me, I’ve had my deviceS stolen with so much as a minimum of 20 original works not backed up there 😢😞) What if these or/and more happen…


Separating the “allowed to exist” from the needful, the impressionable, the lasting, the durable…

Right now, I’m just here, thinking that way beyond the orange color that pops up indicating a notification from a facebook/Instagram mention, comment, like or share, I should really be working hard for the hearts. Yes, my target should be impressing values, virtues, seeds, smiles, strength on, ON–onto the heart…engraving it where it continually bathes the mind and fuels the individual for great work.

Time is so short, time is fleeting. (I wish I could convey what my heart feels in words. I wish I could physically let your heart receive how much those starting phrases aren’t cliches I chose to buy into)

I have to do work that is durable, that is lasting,  that is worth impressing on the heart of a man; more so, I have to be taking in for myself, that which is durable, lasting, able to sustain so that even when the certificates are gone, the internet breaks down, devices are replaced, I’d have the needful, in me…

I think this is one queue for more than just me to follow.

P.S. Since these are midnight musings, I decided to throwback to that time just a month ago where I had to spend the entire night at this airport I had never been to -ALONE! save the company of my mom and some friends over social media. The wrist thingies?? Well, I had to wear Huoma, Nix, Chika, and Ukraine along 😉.


The 9Hour waitBest of the night or day to you!


4 thoughts on “If All Is Gone? -Some “Close-to-midnight” Musings

  1. A very important muse. In our noisy and activity filled world we forget that we came alone, will depart alone and there is a very powerful presence in being alone..we must figure out how this should not be a scary dark place.. But the start and end of all things..

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  2. Hi Ruth! Yes, all of us have this sort of ‘Musing’ at some time or another…maybe rather too often – hopefully NOT! Alone on an airport? Not been my dubious privilege…. 😉 Hugs!

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