Hey, freaders

I used that non-existent word, freaders, for the lack of a much-needed one worded term to describe friends and readers.

*PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m trying to get a well-sounding word that incorporates family, friends and readers together*

I’d work on it. Suggestions are welcomed.

This week, I did quite an amount of searching; soul searching. I did quite an amount on purpose searching, passion, life, doing what you love, faith… the truth is, right now, I’m left with more questions than answers; more confusions than clarity. It makes me have this very great sense of unfulfillment and feel much discomfort. I feel so dissatisfied with almost everything; like I got ‘lost’ at some point.

Sometimes, I tell myself some things like: ‘this is all good’, ‘this is all in helping you find the light that you seek, the truth that you seek’. Sometimes, I just deep sigh and wonder if this is all in my head; if I’m just really stuck in confusion and having grandiose ideas that I’d find a truth so amazing that’d fill my life with a sense of meaning, purpose, direction, life, faith…

Do you feel this way sometimes? Do you have these moments when all the past accomplishments, laughter just seems gone?

What pushes you up? How do you get back up, into ‘light’?

Share with us if you please.

😔A little more strength to press the publish button on this one but this is what I do 🙃

I could turn this all around, I could tell you how I find strength in the light of God’s WORD, I could tell you how right where you stand, right where I stand, is the centre of purpose but I’d skip that today. I want to know: What do you do when you have more questions than answers, confusions than clarity, doubt than faith?


10 thoughts on “#DiaryEditionOne

  1. I was talking with someone today and I realized I really do know that point where I feel like disappearing, sinking into the ground and sometimes almost loosing it just to find a solution to that confused state.
    Life is more than what we think it as, more than what we live it as, more than what we see it as. Our accomplishments and achievements and moments of joy are part of it also. So is our moment of sadness, dissatisfaction, discouragement as well as our moment of confusion, they are all part of life.
    But the thing there is life is to anyone what he sees it to be at that point in time. When we see confusion, we become confused, when we see solution, solution comes to us.
    Above all when you view life from God’s point of view, it stops being a mystery to you. Answers are better understood when they come from God. It is our only solace in times of confusion. Sorry for boring you that’s what i get when analyzing how life went that day. see you soon.

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  2. These questions sometimes never gets answered. Sometimes what we think is the answer, when we give it a thought we discover its just a scratch to more unanswered ones. I think in tackling these questions you have to compare what you are doing with life now with what is in the bible. like it or not God’s original intent for creating man is his purpose and you can only find it in the Bible. Enof of the talk take it one day at a time, explore the world and if you are free join us at University of Nigeria, nsukka for a programme on purpose and love. ciao

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  3. You know I felt that same way early hours of this morning.

    After just turning in my blog post for yesterday and then watching a number of p4cm 2015 rhetoric, a great wave of purposelessness just hit me.

    And I began to doubt myself. Am I even right? Is the path I’ve chosen mine or God’s for me?
    I know this must be so cliche but it was that time for my devotion so I prayed and read a totally unrelated passage to what I was feeling. Revelation 22.

    Then I slept and when I woke up at about 7 am and read that blog post again, I was all better. I knew there was definitely a purpose.

    Doubts are part of life for growing I guess.

    Anyways I think FamFReaders…family, friends, readers, though i prefer FFR (

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    1. *Deep sigh* I guess growing never gets easier. You don’t get to master the Art of Growth…in a manner of speaking. Thank you so much Fifi; for this and for your take on the name to address everyone.


  4. Funny how I was telling my friend how I was feeling very much like this yesterday.

    Mine felt like some sort of burden, all I could meditate on was ‘What is my purpose? Why am I here?’
    And I can’t say for sure that I have a direct answer. What I told my friend though is what I’d tell you…I know more as each day passes. It becomes clearer as time goes by. Maybe I was not made to know it all from the start. Maybe you were not made to know it all from the start too; but to enjoy the journey and remember that faith as small as a mustard seed does wonders!

    Hope I haven’t talked too much! Have a beautiful night/day dear!

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    1. I can’t say how this feels to read your response~actually, I can : like fresh breeze on my soul on a really hot day. Maybe… we’d take it one day at a time then. God bless your heart.


  5. Mmmm……All of us are searching for something….many of us do not know for what…some of us have an inkling….a few of us might know for sure. 😉
    How about ‘kreaders’….. (k)ith, (k)in) and readers. Hugs! ❤

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