Dear Church-Unit Director by Lukesticks

If you’ve been called, ordained, asked to serve in a ministry or even an organisation, if you serve as a leader in the slightest or greatest of capacities in the church or anywhere else, this post by Lukesticks Alejo is right for you. Although it is addressed to the Church-Unit Director, I said “service in a church or anywhere else” because these are principles that work for as many who apply them. I hope church directors learn and truly practice these.


Music Director, Skilled and anointed drummer🙌🙌, humble minister unto God and His people, a beautiful friend and soon to be Medical Dr.


Do you feel tired after months and years of leading your unit? Do you feel like you’re used up? Do you feel like you need a break? A leave? Or even want to leave your unit because of the workload??

Wait!! Did you realize I said months or years?? This time is usually enough to pull someone along in your leadership. You have the post, the title of the leader, but your duty aside from organizing your unit for ministrations is bringing up a leading force(at least one person; not necessarily your “assistant”) that you can fall on.

I mean “fall” as in sit down and do nothing but watch them lead in your absence(or even presence). This way, you don’t feel like the work is on you alone, you don’t feel like running away; this is your break. You can sit and listen to the pastor preach without thinking halfway through the sermon, “is sister “A” around because she’s taking the next worship session.”

I can’t overemphasize the importance of listening to the word with a calm mind for the reason of actually learning; otherwise, you’d get all “churched out.”  Church would become solely the time you bring your unit to minister, and that’s all that would occupy your mind all through service as opposed to coming to worship and having a fellowship with God and His people.

Please, I beg you, DO  NOT be deceived by most people’s assumptions that you are already well grounded in Christ because after all “you’re the leader. Before you became the leader, they must have known that you’re a ‘spiri-koko.’ Because of this assumption, no one will have a problem with you not concentrating in the church. It’s the devil’s deceit. It’s his plan oo. Don’t fall!!.. he makes people serve in the church and still know NOTHING.! Such people end up doing the work of God and not knowing the God of the work.

So after that church anniversary or great worship evening when you’re tired and worn out, give your assigned leader time to lead while you relax. Your unit keeps working while you get time to recuperate. This way, you gain another stronger leader. What’s wrong with picking a few people to represent your unit (with their own leader) at a sister church’s event? Drop the luggage!!. Don’t believe you’re the only one who can get the assignment done.

Let’s not blame the church admin for everything that we feel. We can work things out ourselves too with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Shalom saints.


*Spiri-koko:  A term referring to someone who is truly and noticeable zealous for the LORD.

8 thoughts on “Dear Church-Unit Director by Lukesticks

    1. Hello toeseen, a leader who has no one to succeed him, hasn’t done well enough cos he hasn’t successful instilled what he knows into any of his unit members.

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    2. Debz has already shared the summary of the truth. Maybe in becoming a leader, we found elements of worthiness in our own selves making us think that we might compulsorily have to find a hint of leadership in the people we lead. It doesn’t always come like that. A leader: true, good etc, like he said; is successful, when he has not just led well; but also raised up a successor. I find that we carry the so termed “microwave approach” everywhere. We want to see zeal, passion, interest, development, commitment, now, now! Sometimes, it’d take weeks, months, years, sometimes decades to have that. While it is true that time is on no one’s side, leadership is not all about running fast, hitting targets, achieving goals and pulling a great crowd. While these are external acheivements, there’s an “internal” more private responsibility to SEE the people under you. It is a leader’s duty (and later, pride), to see in their unit members, what no one else can see. It is the leaders’ responsibility to find out that seed that God has placed on the inside of your members. That’s why I say, many leaders find elements of worthiness in themselves which is not totally a bad thing but could be a hindrance in seeing the bigger picture. If one was called out to lead when they did not find a single trace of “worthiness” or leadership skills in themselves, it’d be easier for them to “pull someone else along” Ever heard that phrase, “if I can do it, anyone can?”
      The leader has the responsibility to build the people into who he/she desires them to be, above all, into whom God has blessed them to be. Every leader should pray to God to see their unit members with the eyes that God views them. This way, that which is hidden is revealed to us and even when our unit members do not see who they could be, do not want who they are called to be, even “fight” you for molding them; we keep on loving, we keep on believing in them, we keep on working on/with them; we keep on sacrificing for them.

      This is going to imply that some expectations and goals are moved from short term to long term. Things are basically about THE PEOPLE and not just about getting the job done. When ministering, when blessing lives, when telling others about the wonders of God or probably promoting a business, you should be doing a lot of inside house jobs; working on the lives of the people God is using to minister either in dance, drama, promoting a product etc.
      Let’s say you are the music director😉and we take for instance, Donald Lawrence’s “There is a King in You” You and I know for sure that kings rule, kings lead. Isn’t it paradoxical that while you believe in the words of this song and you are probably ministering or sitting with the hopes that someone in the crowd finds the “king” in them, that you as a leader CANNOT see the possibility of a king in any of your unit members? Did I take it too far? I don’t think so. It means that some priorities need to get adjusted, some refocusing needs to be done and some prayers should be done; not that they’d become leader materials but that you’d see the leader in them.

      I’d let you in on something I learned while replying to this: For as many people who are not under leadership; they have the SOLE responsibility of finding and unlocking their possibilities, potentials, capacities. I did not learn that like it’s a bad thing; but when you get to do this on your own, it’s more exhausting, it takes more time and the truth is that there are so many things we need another eye to discover in us.

      This is not the case of, ah, let no man help me so that I won’t owe them-We believe and accord all glory to God.

      Now, being under a leader, is like having parents or guardians who send you money for the big things and sometimes the seemingly mundane things while you work some small jobs here and there.

      I won’t say I talk too much but I definitely write too much at times. I successfully replied with a length worthy post if there’s anything like that but dear Toeseen, dear leader, dear leader to be; I hope you get the drift.

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