A Tale of 6 Months of Blogging.

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.

That is 1Cor. 13:13 as well as the tagline for my blog. I believe life’s greatest lessons, my life’s greatest lessons are summed up in this verse from scripture. I hope that as time goes on, I’d be able to share with us the depths, height, breadth, etc of this verse as applicable in my life(I hope you’d share yours too). I know also that because this is truth and not just something I conjured, even the works that I post, the experiences that are shared here, would reflect the power of Faith, Hope, and Love without me trying to make them reflect that.

The day I published my first post was August 3rd, 2015. It was a Tribute To My Parents(click the link to read). That day met me really nervous. I was on the summer break but hard tons of work to do. I had thought of postponing this debut till the 7th but for the intervention of a friend, Tosin, who had the last PUSH (this should teach you that sometimes, you shouldn’t just think you have made the best decision alone. Share with a confidante, who knows? Two good heads…)

August the 3rd was here and I did not have a single post. I only knew that this was dedicated to my parents who turned 30, to my sisters, to my family and friends: of which you are a part of. I knew that this first day was nothing about me.

Time was running out, I had to be at the Nigerian Embassy, my friends would still need to catch a flight that day and surely, I had to be there. Then, there were errands here and there that could not wait. I was going to do this: My debut post; that is, and somehow, I had set myself up by making a Public Announcement days before that the first post was coming up. Fingers were crossed, calendars had been marked.

Right there in my kitchen, I began putting my photos together. I sat, and I let the truth in my heart, flow to my fingertips. I let the weight of the blessing that my family, family friends are, push the keys on my board to create my first post. I did and though I was really nervous, it was good. It was great. I wrote, I posted, it was the truth and I was home.

1454528465786.jpgIt’s been 6months of “public blogging”. I’m still like on a treadmill; only I’m actually moving ahead. I keep running to finish up one task or the other. I’m terrified about lots of things; a lot of times. I’m discouraged sometimes. I have really happy moments. I’m learning lessons…I’ve “met” gifted and inspiring writers, bloggers, readers (Hi, Bushka!)

I’m NO WHERE close to the little steps I thought I’d be making in life and with my blog but the truth is, I’m closer than when I first decided to start, or try again. I’m still very much in love with the art of blogging; I’m still very hopeful about life and all the plans I have. I’m still very hopeful that we all can work, rest, be happy, be productive, be fruitful, be genuine, be faithful even against all odds.

Right now, I still have a ton of work to do; something that was the case 6 months ago (and more months before), something I really don’t want but for tonight, all I’m telling myself is that, Ruth, it’d pass, you’d do this and you’d be fine…

I’m hopeful for all that I hope to become, and I’m hopeful for all that you are growing to become.





5 thoughts on “A Tale of 6 Months of Blogging.

    1. Hello Kachi! ❤
      I’m so excited and thankful you dropped by. Thanks a lot. I’m hopeful for a great comeback and a steady progression as well. Please feel free to check in from time to time.


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