Poetry Alert: The Lesson

photo from @goodreads

I grew from a lowly home,
‘twas quiet like the silent tomb.
I had neither friend nor foe,
Had a dress with a little bow.

Every day I awoke to the dawn of uncertainty,
Greeted the God of fertility,
Thanked Him for His continuous ability
To hold the world with great capability.

I ran off to a place to learn
Picking up my companion the fern
I met others of my age
And some who’d barely passed my stage

In the stillness of the place I stayed,
I got memories that’d never fade.
Treasures so rich, and knowledge so true:
“This you’ll need when life you pass through.”

“There’s a long journey called life”
Filled with envy, hatred and strife
From a place called life to a place unknown
You will live in uncertainty till you’re grown.

On your way in this compulsory land
You might have to be an island
But sometimes you just might need someone
To carry your burdens and can

There are grounds you shall sink in
Decisions to put in the waste bin
Roads never to tread on
And some shoulders never to rely on

You must walk through valleys
And to locked doors find keys
You must run through the woods
Irrespective of your moods

On your way, you mustn’t look back
you should carry your every pack
You may have no one to borrow from
And mom or dad may never come

Those you call your own
Might simply take to their heels
Your one and only phone
Shall be down due to outstanding bills

With none to turn to,
You must continue to move forward
With no one to run to
You must never go backward

This is a journey for you alone
For your sins alone you shall atone
Never trust the arm of flesh
You might get twisted as a mesh

Never fear any man
He can hurt the body, not the soul
Never get involved in an evil plan
You shall be destroyed as a helpless mole

In this journey we have friends
Still on the path there are fiends
Learn to know the two
The latter shall hurt like boiling stew

Often they come in the same way
You shan’t smell the rat from far away
Wolves in sheep’s clothing you shall meet
Giving you your best meat

Learn to know evil and good
Don’t get involved in too much food
Be prepared for what comes anytime
The journey could be as sour lime

Time shall not be a friend
For every day has its end
Stars shan’t always shine their light
You may have to trust insight

The sun shall not always be there
You shall not always find a hare
You may have to fight the rains to go ahead
Eating the leaves of labour to keep your head

You are moving for a price
You aren’t running for grains of rice
But rich and true a final reward
Of dignity, purity, integrity that’s the award

If you can reach the finishing line
Good and fine
If you come out with a medal
Then you really used your pedal

If you come out with crowns of glory
Of diamonds and the greatest; ruby
You have gone through life
And defeated strife

Slowly, soberly I picked my fern
And looking at the hour glass
I Suddenly could not live the class
‘Twas another lesson to learn

Like the sand through the hour glass
So are the days of our lives.
With the lessons in me, I left the class
Dropping my notes in the archives…






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