Symbols n’ Beginning Afresh I



Is it enough clearing my timeline, clearing my photo album, rearranging my room, changing my hairstyle completely, maybe my apartment: taking a break to line up with “being in the spirit of beginning afresh”? Do these things remind me to clean up my soul, clean off the spots in my mind, change the guards that have stood at the door of my heart?

Do these external things that for all I FEEL, seem like beautiful, cool symbols of an on going process of “clean house” actually work the magic?

Do I clean house externally but still, remain the same because I haven’t encountered something so great; probably so small that’d transform me, set me free from the mentality or whatever trap it is that has kept me caged?

Sometimes indeed, something as dramatic as going from having on a full-blown afro to a hair cut with some really sleek lines or as small as rearranging my dressing table, reminds me that I could breathe, I could be free, I could fly. The thing is, do these reminders, these feelings, lead to something more permanent? Do they give me(us) the answers to what I’m (we’re) searching for? Do they realign me (us) to the place of passion, purpose (or whatever matters to you)?

Sometimes, we just might get carried away by the idea of beginning afresh, the idea of a new slate, clean house that we are never truly changed, transformed.

We hold on to the symbols and talk about how we got on some adventure for a change (or for a mind reset), how we moved out of the neighbourhood, how we gave all our clothes out that we might start again and not be people who accumulated clutter. We get fixated on the symbol and might not check to see if the purpose of “setting out” in the first place is now seated properly within us…

(to be continued…)

7 thoughts on “Symbols n’ Beginning Afresh I

  1. This is me, always turning my room around, creating a mess and cleaning it up, wondering how changing my hairstyle all the time works any magic in my heart, to make me feel free and less caged, to lift some invincible weight off my mind. Maybe for a little bit…the thought goes on… Nice piece of work Ruth!!!

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    1. I know that feeling all to well 😩 I believe there’s one happening, one experience or probably a process that can “satisfy” that can help me feel whole, BE whole. Without that, there’s just this soul searching for something that’d satisfy. God help us. Amen.


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