Symbols n’ Beginning Afresh II


To understand where I’m coming from, check the first part of this musing by clicking HERE.

We get fixated on the symbol and might not check to see if the purpose of “setting out” in the first place is now seated properly within us…

I think it is possible for us not to be transformed, rejuvenated, renewed, for quite a number of reasons. Beginning afresh, wiping a slate to start up again or probably taking a pause to refire back needs us to do more than identify this need. This is the first step and its importance CANNOT be underscored (ie, it is highly important) Merely assuming that we automatically experience something new by only recognising the need of it is a deception that’d leave us right there where we detest.

Always commit your expectations, desires to God’s hands. Let Him know what you seek and allow His Spirit to guide you on how to go about it. Do not relent in your pursuit to live a better life.

We must recognise the need for a turnaround and find out what we need to keep doing or quit doing. We must find out how to live the life we imagine, we desire, we seek. Above all, HOPE. We must remain hopeful that our desire to have fulfillment, satisfaction, our desire to have a transformed lifestyle, attitude, etc is still possible despite all odds; that our symbols would hold meaning someday (if there don’t now). I say this because so many times, I have tried to quit some habits, attitudes, etc and imbibe new ones and it seems to be the most difficult thing ever; like an impossible journey. What keeps me trying is HOPE.

We must work at maintaining the value, the gift, the products of a fresh start, a transformed lifestyle, habit, attitude, etc. If you’re the person who has symbols for a victory feat, without maintaining what you have achieved, your symbols would become mere clutter; possibly idols. You’d have wasted time (some cash and space too!).


About hoping for something new and refreshing: A while ago, a friend wanted to get me a pendant. I really wanted one that had an inscription, “She believed she could so she did“. Instead of this, I told her to get me one with the inscription “I read, therefore I am” While the latter inscription wasn’t a false testimony so to speak, the reason I didn’t pick the first was because I felt, I had failed so much; that despite all the beliefs I had at that time, I hadn’t done(do you get?) My real condition at that time was, “even though she mostly believed, she never did“😄 Lawd! I was all I DID NOT want to be. The good thing that happened is, I realised that this was my chance  to keep believing in God and to believe in myself (note the difference: believing and believe) that despite my inadequacies, I could have faith in who I sense I’m made to be; keep believing in my dreams and thus, eventually do. I told her to get me that pendant because that was going to be my story; if not now, some time later.


This particular piece isn’t mine.


Understand when symbols are actual reminders of the victory you have experienced, a miracle that happened, a commitment you have made or when they are a testament of what you hope for. Differentiate it from getting material things or stuff done just because you want to tell people a story, feel among. For instance you say, “Oh, this is a purity ring” meanwhile, you’re jumping from place to place disproving that claim(You know what I mean, yeah) or “oh! I spent this hour arranging my room so I could settle properly and study”, meanwhile, you know that you never have strength to be productive after you’re done arranging any room(This USED TO be me🙈). Don’t deceive yourself. While we can go on fooling people that we are doing things, buying things, making things, needing things to be more productive, if we are not working with what we have at the moment, genuinely working to move out of the routine that is suffocating us, we’d just be like already wet bread inviting the moulds over.

Never let anything you have, become an idol.

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Thanks for reading. Hope you had a good time.





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