Without Pretence

It’s ok to be true to ourselves and those around us. It’s better to face, deal with, trash the underlying cause of the tears, hurt, sorrow, sadness than to “wear a mask in the truth charade”. God heals not just our physical wounds and He calls us as we are. As a church, we should always acknowledge that people are sad, people are depressed, people are even, suicidal and some feel hopeless…
With open arms, we should accept the fact of people’s reality and show them the truth that surpasses any current fact or situation. The truth of the power of God’s love and the resurrection of Jesus

Big Heart Busy Hands

Most of the time we find ourselves trying to feel and be something that we are not in order to fit into the surroundings that we are.

We smile when we are sad, and act like our lives are perfect when in fact nothing seems to be going okay.

I’ve noticed this quite a lot in many churches were positivity and being constantly happy is the moto, and so people feel that they always have to reflect these attributes.

But what I’ve come to realise is that when the emotions are just too much to hide behind a smile, it becomes easier to avoid places and or people that ‘require’ us to be happy, not knowing it is okay to present ourselves as we are, without pretence.

Even in churches where happiness welcomes, it is also acceptable to surrender sadness at the altar.

It is actually a sign of strength…

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