Something drastic happens each time I do; there’s a change, a shift, a transfer, an alteration, a repositioning, a realignment (take your pick). There’s a newness, a journey, results, …

All that I was, all that I am, all that I hope to be and ever would be, is summarised in these three words.


Our words, spoken or written breaks through the barrier of time(?) and distance; it could convey the good, the bad the ugly and before it reaches you or I, I believe it could as well transform into so much more: a soothing balm, a timely word, a warm hug, an inspiration, a guide, a push to do more and be more, I believe our words, our art, inspired by the Holy Spirit, could remind us again, why we should believe…

 This Blog is borne from the union of various inspirations, summarised as:lessons and passion. The writer in me says “you there! Come along, let’s share what we can, while we can, how best we can”

*Deep sigh*

Tag along,let’s ride together, let’s see the sun together or maybe…, just maybe, while you see the sun, I’ll be seeing something else…

See something, read something, do leave a comment if you please! I would wait to hear from you.  😊😊
Did I say???
Glad to have YOU here!!!

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