The Blog’s Pages


In the beginning…

This is an outline of pages on The Blog which gives a Synopsis on them.

About: An introduction to The Blog

Creativity, DIYs and Hacks: Features ingenious minds, creative ideas, beautiful works, simple DIYs (Do It Yourself), home remedies and the likes.

Ruth Writes: Original Works by Ruth. Likes, Comments and Shares by You ☺️

On God and Grace: This page deals with the most important relationship I have known and the highest possible calling. I take you with me through parts of my walk/work with God and share things from our moments(fellowship) together.

Featured Articles: This has specific topics (featured articles) written by some featured guests.

Contact Me: Get in touch with me if you wish! I’d  surely love to hear from you and get back to you.

At every point in time, your comments are welcome. Please show respect for every reader and writer as you all are well-respected personalities.

The tagline RRLSM stands for Read, Respond, Like, Share and Meditate (on what you’ve seen, read or maybe listened to).

Most of my articles could be signed in my name: Diyan, Diyan Ebe.

I am really excited having you here!

You are welcome.


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