Happy Birthday big sister



From the last time I said happy birthday,

I’ve known you a little more,

You’ve made me laugh some more.

You’ve encouraged me so much more and

I have loved you measures more; for who you are.

Who you are now is not all there could be.

You are so much more.

May this year be challenging and greatly rewarding for you.

I mean, May you be challenged out of every comfort zone,

Out of every outdated mentality,

Out of every confinement.

May you be able to work so hard and taste the result of God’s blessings.

May lines fall for you, in pleasant places.

God be with you every step along the way.

I love you Gracy; forever and a day more 😚 😜’

The Universe is privileged to have you.


P.S: I wasn’t going to be off social media without letting the world know you’re an amazing soul indeed. I scheduled this post on the 30th of March to be posted automatically on the 6th of April.

I love you, I’m grateful for you.

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