Rare Eclipse of a SuperMoon: Will You Be Watching the Last Blood Moon for this Year, 2015?

Previous Blood Moon, Dallas Texas USA
Previous Blood Moon, Dallas Texas USA

I figured since this is special because

  • It’s an eclipse
  • It’s a blood moon
  • It’s the rare supermoon
  • It’s the last in year 2015,

I’d do something little on it. South and North Americans can observe this 27th September while those in Africa, Europe, Asia, the East can observe it on the 28th.You could find out the timing in your location, grab a camera and watch it.

The photo credit goes to Alfredo Garcia. I have no rights over them. Maybe I’d be able to take a photo if I’m privileged to watch it. I’d share it then.

There are quite a number of interpretations of Blood Moons. I’d try to keep it a little plain, though.

Blood Moon, synonymous with what we are more familiar with: Four Total Lunar Eclipse in a row!

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, earth and moon are aligned in a straight line and  in that order.


The fourth and final total lunar eclipse of this lunar tetrad (four total lunar eclipses in a row) falls on the night 27/28th of September 2015 and would be visible to watchers in different continents(I read no special glasses are needed). It happens to be a SUPERMOON!

A supermoon is a full Moon or a new Moon at its closest point to Earth( it is also called perigee). It most likely would look so much bigger to anyone watching.

Supermoons are quite rare and reports say only 5 have have occured in the 90’s and after the next occurrence in about 5days, the next would be in 2033!

I don’t want to miss this one. I missed all previous three! Hope you have some time to view this beauty too. Tell me about it or send me pictures from your various locations through the facebook inbox or blogrelated@yahoo.com

I’d post them.

Blood moon from inhabitat.com
Blood moon from inhabitat.com

I hope the remaining part of your week is filled with God’s peace and excellence in all you do.



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